Corporate Deli’s – They Can Do Better

corporate deli

Corporate deli’s have a captive audience and because of this, their responsibility to offer a healthy menu is of the greatest importance. Much like schools, the foods served are the basic American dishes and as I have been discussing, those choices are the cheapest and unhealthy to consume on a daily basis.

With busy ork schedules and lives as busy as they get with families, errands and that much needed overtime, food is often an after thought. The result is a consumer growing in size and diminishing in health.

Having seen corporate deli’s first-hand, the choices are bacon, potatoes, eggs, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, soda, canned flavored drinks, energy drinks or coffee drinks and snacks that consist of chips, cookies, candies, crackers and the like.

Rarely do you find a robust salad bar with quality healthy dressings or healthy soups. The least I have seen are gluten and dairy free options. This gives a false understanding of the impact food has on the body and the ability to fight off viruses and disease. The corporate worker just keeps adding on pounds and getting sick.

I have seen corporate wellness departments offer ideas for exercise and better mental well-being options but where are they when it comes to the daily deli menu?

corporate deli
Corporate Deli’s