Hi, I am Bree-z the Wonder Dog and Mom and I do everything together. We do so much stuff, I have my own FB page. Check me out at

Breez scarf

I am America’s Dog, Eating America’s food, living the American Dream! I eat a raw diet of local beef, sheep and goat provided by Porter’s Pride Raw Diet. All this beautiful meat is grown within 50 miles of where we live. Porter’s Pride is made by fourth generation butchers offering human quality, well balanced meals for dogs and cats.

There isn’t anything I won’t do for my dinner. Even walk, on my own, into the shower to get a bath. I will shorten my trip to the dog park or run in the woods if Mom puts that food on the counter. It is how I am healthy, gorgeous and all muscle.

I also get dehydrated raw mixed in with my Porter’s Pride Raw Diet. Sometimes Mom uses The Honest Kitchen Grain Free Turkey and some times she uses Addiction, like Fig and Venison or Brushtail. I have even eaten Kangaroo!