Hi, I am Bree-z the Wonder Dog and Mom and I do everything together. We do so much stuff, I have my own FB page. Check me out at

Breez scarfI am America’s Dog, Eating America’s food, living the American Dream! I eat a frozen raw diet of turkey that gets thawed out because Mom says I need a cool meat since I am a pitty and have sensitive tummy. I can have pork and fish too¬† but not much salmon.

I even get a little Dr. Marty’s freeze dried with my second breakfast and that makes me do circles. Even at 12 years old! I just can’t help myself.

There isn’t anything I won’t do for my meals if Mom puts it on the counter. I will walk, on my own, into the shower to get a bath, or shorten my walk through the pea patch, even leave rabbits alone. It’s how I’m healthy, gorgeous and all muscle.

My Mom says I can’t have that much freeze dried food because the natural moisture is gone and it makes it hard to digest and process. So I get little bits and plenty of water. I wish I could get more freeze dried bites but even adding water isn’t enough for the safety of my kidneys. They are pretty important i guess.