Simply A Better Ingredient

Through most of my life, I have heard the phrase, “Those that cannot do, teach.”  I believe that statement should be, “Those that have done, then teach.” I believe that because I am one of ‘those’. I have made wholesale products for retail that have been inspired by my severe food intolerances. The Deceptive Delights and Uneek Treats were proof that nutrient- dense, healthy options can be decadent and luxurious consumption straight off the store shelves. Not only for us but for our dogs too.

This has been my guiding force since finding out my health issues were all related to the foods I consume. Knowing that the vast majority of our bodies are devoted to digesting food, I realized that the vast majority of my effort should be the foods I consume. As a severely food intolerant individual, I work much harder than the average individual on my menu but that work has led me to the understanding that everyone needs to become aware of the diet they consume and the benefits and risks of that diet.

This is where the teaching comes into play. I was forced out of making products due to a severe back injury and because I can no longer do, I teach. My passion for educating has not changed – instead of feeding the fish, I am teaching how to fish.

Old adages aside, taking personal responsibility and creating a healthier menu needs to be forefront in our daily lives. Especially if you have children because they need to learn these healthier behaviors early on to carry with them into a future for a healthier life. It is a strong immune system that is the path to a better existence.

Our pets are just like our children. They are dependent upon us for their nutrition and the current state of dog food is as poor a choice to give them as drive through fast food is to us.  It is not good for us to eat prepared boxed, bagged and most canned foods and neither is it good for our pets.

Simply a better ingredient and one directly from Nature is the first choice we should be making. When we get rid of all the fake flavors, Nature actually tastes pretty darn good!

Deceptive Chef
Deceptive Chef