Deceptive Chef


My clients coined me the Deceptive Chef, because I made all of their favorite dishes, gluten, dairy and sugar free. Since my days as a personal chef, I have traveled further down the path of ingredients; more than I ever thought I would.

In almost two decades of studying and testing every ingredient in prepared foods, I have become aware of correlations between how we feed, process and preserve the food we consume, and our health.

For me, I learn that not only am I intolerant to any gluten, dairy and sugar, I am intolerant to distilled, and fermented ingredients and things that consume these ingredients. Almost like someone with a peanut allergy. Only I have to wait for a few days and there is no pen to reverse the impact.

By biggest reaction is to yeast in any form big or small; so no alcohol, vinegars, aminos, supplements, baking soda/powder, xantham gum, extracts and other alcohol sugars just to name a few; for me the list is long.

I cannot even tolerate animal proteins that are fed fermented grains. For my situation, that illustrates how difficult, almost impossible, it is to avoid them. My solution was to develop recipes for all my favorite dishes and desserts using whole, single foods, adding in flavors that are themselves, individual single ingredients. And to continue to be diligent about how my ingredients were cultivated.

Because there is so much to learn, I created Chef Sessions™ SHOP, COMBINE, DINE.

In these three sessions you learn everything you need to start a healthier version of you with minor changes. I have taken all the work out and with new ingredients from the Shop session, you still make all your favorites fast and easy.

Combining your foods and best times to enjoy certain meals, will allow your system to feel the rewards of your best efforts with true sustained weight loss and healthier living that doesn’t include get sick because you are fueling your body to live, not feeding it to death.

Dining out can be fraught with concern and hard to navigate. Learning where hidden allergens lie, will benefit you whether feel you are disaffected or not.

Chef Sessions™ is the full story in a cliff notes version. Enjoy learning the true wealth of eating nutrient dense food that tastes like you are cheating.

Chef Sessions, SHOP – COMBINE – DINE to have your cake and eat it too!

Ms Deena – The Deceptive Chef