Macro and Micro Nutrients

Most of my clients have an understanding vitamins and minerals but don’t know much about macro and micro nutrients. Macro-Nutrients are the first form of nutrients you need to derive energy and rebuild from a long day. Those are Fat, ComplexCarbohydrates and Protein. and your body needs those nutrients in that order.

Your first form of energy is fat, second is complex starchy carbs and the re-builder of the day is protein. Examples of quality fats are coconut, olive, grapeseed and avocado oils.

Complex starchy carbohydrates (not simple sugars like potatoes which are starches) are vegetables such as dark leafy greens, pseudo grains and exceptions to the rule like cauliflower.

Proteins need to be plants first, then, sparingly, clean animal proteins. Contrary to what has been marketed to us, protein is not the first from of energy, nor should it really be used as energy. Fat and complex sugars are our energy.

Micro-Nutrients are the vitamins and minerals that allow our bodies to do inherent behaviors that keep us alive, like your heart beating and organ functioning. Foods should supply these micro-nutrients but do to our large scale farming practices and our prepared foods, micro-nutrients are almost nonexistent. SimplyABetterIngredient