Beware of Marketing Campaigns Like – Milk Builds Strong Bones… Who’s?

I have always been keen on how companies market to consumers. It never made sense why I would see the same product being advertised as new and improved, when they were just new and improved. Or ad campaigns like, Milk Builds Strong Bones or Milk It Does A Body Good. These statements are paired with a picture of a person drinking milk and viola! assumptions are made that this ad is speaking to us about us.

Marketing can be a sneeky business. When the Dairy industry is looking to promote sales, but they knowingly have research that does not prove their product builds strong human bones, what are they to do? They cannot legally say Milk Builds Strong Human Bones. But they can say Milk Builds Strong Bones. They don’t say Milk, It Does Human Bodies Good, so they say, Milk, It Does A Body Good, with images of children drinking milk. While the ad is presumptuous, it is technically not a lie.

These efforts to specifically create campaigns that are leading are truly misleading. Because the imagery is of a person drinking milk or eating cheese or yogurt, we think, they are talking about us. When in reality, studies prove that dairy products contain bad saturated fats that clog our arteries, leading to heart disease, and have not been proven to reduce fractures from the stronger bones it built and it does not show that the calcium in milk will become bio-available for us to turn into the valuable micro-nutrients that we need.

Be careful when you see ads that are not specifically stating facts and just offer a tag line were we fill in the blanks. Try to notice when they are being presumptuous, like the statement, Milk It Does A Body Good. Who’s body does milk benefit?