Costco Wholesale and the Coronavirus

One of the most remarkable efforts I have witnessed is how Costco has taken care of their employees during this time. Telecommuting has never been an option. Ingrained within its core, from the founder Jim Sinegal, is the corporate culture could only be solidified when everybody is together as a team.

This is a company that has bought buildings and built buildings to house its ever-growing corporate campus that supports the ever growing number of warehouses with their ever-growing number of members. The loyalty of the Costco member and the dedication of the employees is the success of this corporation.

Yet when it mattered they acted as if they were a small business. The swiftness with which they took steps to get their employees working from home so they can be quarantined and safe, yet still provide for the store and members, has truly been remarkable.

The same great care is given for employees that have just been hired as for those working for them for decades. Every other company should look to do what Costco has done.

Turning a tanker around in the ocean is no easy task and the swing from the corporate credos to the new way of having to do business shows that Costco will be around, with grateful employees, for a very long time.

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