Alternative Milk… Should You Make It Or Buy It?

hazelnut milk

It can be challenging to make everything yourself but much like organic, there are items that are better to make yourself just like there are foods that are more important to get organic.

Alternative milk is one of those items that is best made at home. Luckily, it is super easy and does not take more than a few minutes to do.

The main reason to make nut milks at home is to avoid all of the preservatives and additives that are put into the alternative milks on the shelf. Especially considering that some of those additives, like calcium are dairy derived. The intolerance to dairy being the main reason we are seeking a milk alternative.

Small side note for nut milk making. If you are making almond milk, be sure to soak the nuts for at least eight hours and drain and rinse well.

If you are making hazelnut milk, then you can use the nuts right away.

Alternative Nut Milk Recipe –

You will need a strong blender, nut milk bag, large container like a 4 cup measuring cup. You will want something that has a wide enough mouth for placing the bag in and pouring the milk into and then being able to strain it.

6 cups purified water – this is very important for your milks shelf life and for your body.
1/4 cup nuts Рraw hazelnuts  or soaked and rinsed raw almonds are the best end result

Blend together the water and nuts until the nuts are smooth and you don’t hear them in the blender. Then pour into the nut milk bag in the container and let sit for 10 minutes. Close the top with one hand and squeeze all the liquid out into the rest of the milk in the container. Store for 2-3 days and if it smells funky or clumps, then it has gone bad.

This milk will not last long, so as you go along, start to get the amount you produce to measure up with how much you use. You can freeze the meal and use it to make other recipes as well.

For using with cereal or to make chocolate or strawberry milk, sweeten with maple syrup and a touch of salt and ground vanilla.

hazelnut milk
hazelnut milk