Late Night Snack Attack!

We all have those times when there is nothing like a PB & J. So this version, ta Brown Rice Tortilla from Food For Life is the best option for Gluten and Yeast free.

Finding a quick fix snack that is Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free is a challenge. So, even though you are used to a gooey tortilla, is a good alternative and will serve you well for on the go hand held options.

For best results, warm the tortilla in the wave for about 30 seconds or a dry pan moving it around so as not to burn, until warm and more pliable.

Spread your flavor joy, roll it up and eat. The Earth Balance Peanut Butter is the closest to creamy Jif peanut butter, that I have tried. Trader Joes sugar free fruit spread is the perfect pair.

These tortillas are also a great wrap with some lunch meat, or veggies so make it your way!

– The Deceptive Chef

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