I wanted pancakes at 11:30 at night so I made pancakes

The pancakes were really good too. I followed the recipe on the back of the bag with The Deceptive Chef™ twist. I used Agave to sweeten, (honey would be a great choice as well) and I left out the Baking Powder. Spread on some Earth Balance buttery spread and Maple Syrup and viola! A perfect midnight snack.

pancake plate

They were also really good the next day. I had cut the recipe in half and I still had enough for two meals. So breakfast was nutritious, fast and taste great.

There are so many options for flour blends on the shelf. Choosing which one for which purpose is best done by looking at the recipe on the back. Two things to keep in mind to make the better choice are; does the recipe resemble your style of baking and are the recipes you want listed.

pancake ingredients

The secret to making Gluten Free “baked goods” is picking the right flour blend. Most have sugar and some have dairy so read the label to avoid The Big 3, Gluten, Dairy and Sugar.

I love breakfast, so keep an eye out for all those favorite recipes you never thought you would ever eat again. Because you will and it will taste amazing!

– The Deceptive Chef