The Perfect Doggie Bag

I wanted to share one of my favorite purchases. I was in a Storables in the U Dist. and I came across a Wrap-N-Mat. It is perfect for a sandwich bag turn place mat, USA made, eco-friendly and a made by a local company in Colorado.
folded mat

I use it primarily as a doggie bag. It works especially well for left over Mexican like Tacos al Carbon at Lago Azul in Des Moines. Yes, Gluten and Dairy free Mexican food. I like it because I can put anything in that isn’t liquid and makes for easy reheating later. Nothing better than a great meal that makes great leftovers.

So next time you think of buying plastic sandwich bags, think about all that wrap-n-mat has to offer. They are from a small business, they help to lighten your footprint on the environment, they are fun and functional.

There are a variety of patterns and styles to fit your life and you will enjoy being able to give them a good rinse and put right back to use.

– The Deceptive Chef

doggie mat

tacos mat

plat n mat