Food Production is Big Business

As an expert in food production and a consultant specializing in creating allergen friendly menus, I work with a wide variety of people. Reviewing ingredient labels comes with the education that food production is a business like any other. A comment was made to me that this is a food company not big tobacco. I bet to differ, when it comes to mass produced foods.

A company that produces anything is looking to make money on that product. For whatever the initial desire when creating the concept of their product, the company must make money. As a company makes more and more money, it looks for ways to make more and more money.

This can be problematic when it comes to food. The production of food has become a consolidated effort of many miles of buildings with extensive assembly lines that take enormous levels of raw materials to be churned into the end result, which is dried, preserved, shelf stabilized products that have manufactured flavors and colors to replicate the original ingredients.

It is this end result that has increased our allergens, health issues and changed our concept of what flavors should be. The ‘bliss point’, created by major food manufacturers, have sweetened, salted and upped fats by 33% from what is a true flavor. This not only disaffects human food products, it does a major disservice to our pets food as well. Again, this is big business and big business is in the business of making money, not necessarily a healthy product for us or the environment. Which, lets face it, is us!

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