Dealing With A Food Sensitivities To A Full On Intolerance

gluten free onion rings

As of today, one in three people suffer a food reaction. Food reactions can be as simple as, I want to make better choices so I will not eat gluten, to, I could die if I eat a peanut. Regardless of the reason, this changes where and what someone eats and not only has a significant impact on the individuals daily life but also those people in their lives.

Having studied how ingredients are produced for the last twenty years I can tell you, these numbers will only grow as the quality of food production continues to decline.

With so many people to feed, mass food production has left us with preserved, dried foods that our bodies can longer process and are lacking in true useful nutrients. This has a devastating impact on our ability to function on a daily basis.

I have seen a direct correlation between the growing number of food sensitivities along with reduced physical and cognitive function from consuming mass produced ingredients.

Simply put, we need to start using better ingredients to solve this issue. My Chef Sessions, for the commercial or home kitchen, is a key tool in offering a safe option for any patron. It is not about changing the menu you create but changing the ingredients you use to make your menu.

Gluten Free Onion RIngs. One big yellow onion cut into rings, 1 cup garbanzo bean flour, dash of salt and pepper. Grapeseed oil or avocado oil for frying.  Mix garbanzo bean flour with water until you get a pancake batter consistency. Dredge cut onion rings into the batter small batches at a time. Add dredged rings to heated grapeseed oil and fry until golden. Remove and set on a paper towel to drain. Enjoy!gluten free onion rings