Diet Anything is Poison

There is mounting evidence that diet drinks are bad for your health. Studies have shown significant issues arise from the artificial sweeteners and synthesized caffeine’s used in diet drinks. It can lead to obesity, depression, hypertension, bad skin, neurological deficits, heart disease, poor kidney function and can disrupt your gut health leading to a extensive hosts of other maladies and allergies.

Diet soda and other diet junk and fast foods, create addiction much like chemical addictions, convincing the brain to ask for it over and over leading to a downward spiral after the initial high.

The body can, however,  have good dependencies and addictions, like quality calories and real plant-based foods and those lead to beneficial effects, positive decisions and thoughts.

Another set of poor results from diet drinks is the erosion of your organs, gut, arteries and teeth at levels similar to chemical drug addicts and significantly increases the likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s and Dementia by three times the rate of those who do not consume such diet foods.

Instead of suffering premature death with artificially sweetened and flavored foods, simply choose nature, a better ingredient and live a much happier, healthier existence with fewer maladies.

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