An hour with The Deceptive Chef

I must admit from the start, this evening did not turn out at all how I had imagined it would. I thought I was going to Marlene’s in Tacoma and hand out some samples (I chose Deceptive Delights Cherry Almond Ice cream and Waffle Cone Bites™) and let folks know about my upcoming class at Marlene’s in Federal Way, Saturday April 5th.

I dressed for being by the door with some leggings a warm skirt, my logo shirt and a sweater. Of course you cannot see the logo for the sweater so I put on an logo’d apron. Now I expecting to be standing behind a counter near a door in Tacoma Wa in the early Spring. We just got off of 2 nice warm days so it was about 50 degrees.

As soon as I get there I find see my contact for the classes and wave a hello as I am headed toward the sample counter. Before I get a chance to move in that direction, she says, “Great, your here, I am just about set up for you.” At this point I am a tad confused because the sample counter is not cleared off and in the other direction there are about 30 people sitting in chairs facing a microphone.

Now I am no dummy, so I begin to sputter into gear and realize that somehow, that situation, with all the people, that situation is my situation. Still sputtering, I try to clarify why I would need a microphone to hand out samples of ice cream. So I say, “Oh, I don’t need a microphone to just hand out samples. I don’t know a person alive who kno me who thinks I need a microphone.” Her response is, “Oh, you will need a microphone so the folks at the registers can hear you.”

Hear, me? Hear me say what? “Hear my lecture”, she says. Not only have I stopped sputtering, I am full throttle with a huh? So long story, I did not realize I was giving a lecture. THat particular point was not made clear. I would have dressed better for goodness sakes! At least I had done my hair.

For me, the idea of just getting up and chatting with folks is my wheel house. In retrospect, I think I had more fun because it was spontaneous. I really do much prefer it that way. I am a dash and add cook and that is really the metaphor for me style.

It was perfect, folks were wonderful and there ended up being 42 attendees. 42 people who were thoughtful enough to give me an hour of their time. What a treat!

Thank you all so much and check out my facebook page for food posts and local events to attend.

– The Deceptive Chef