Why We Should Care About What We Eat

healthy earth
The right food is fundamental for our well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Keeps us at a good weight to reduce our risk of health related issues like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease and cancers, and is the way our body receives nutrients to turn into energy. That energy is what helps us grow and how our body functions like breathing and digesting food.
The right foods are the key to keeping our immune system healthy. The choices we make about our food clearly affects our health and the health of the world that surrounds us. Something important to remember is, the earth is not here for us, we are here because of the earth.
We share DNA with every other creature on this planet so it is not surprising that all living organisms have the majority of their genes in common. The mechanism by which sugars are oxidized to release their energy is almost universal. When we over produce the foods we eat, we stress the earth.
As the earth gets stressed, so does the weather patterns and the ease of living that we have become accustom to. It takes a vast majority of trees to keep clean air. A vast majority of plants to keep the soil fertile. When there is an abundant of life we cannot see, there is abundance for our life.