Over The Moon for Over the Moon Cafe in Tacoma

Friday night was an awesome dinner with friends at Over The Moon Cafe in Opera Alley Tacoma. They served us like royalty. Not only did Deanna, the owner come out and hang with us for a bit, she made sure that my meal was Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free!
tuscan chicken
She knew just what to offer right off the menu as is and what alternatives could be done for other dishes on the menu. Like a nice saute of veg instead of the mashers with cream and butter for the shepherds pie.

I decided on the Tuscan chicken breast and it was perfection. I also got to taste the flat iron steak and a just a wee, little bite of the shepherds pie.

The atmosphere is quaint with brick walls, low lighting and is simply styled which creates an intimate dining experience. One that is perfect for dear friends or even a romantic evening out. With the big windows, it is the destination location to lunch with a great view and just off the hustle and bustle.

The location is perfect because there is parking within a close proximity, as well as, great options for a night cap on the surrounding streets. Of course I cannot enjoy the desserts as such but if you were so inclined, that could easily by your night cap.
flat iron steak
Dessert is by far the hardest. Any options are none or a let down. I really appreciate the efforts folks will make but there is no substitute for Deceptive Delights. Gluten, Dairy and sugar free luxury. Each bite will have you swoon. If you don’t see Deceptive Delights desserts on the menu at your favorite restaurant, ask them to bring them in!

No one can know every item that is out there an available so word of mouth is the key! Let those that cook for you, know what will bring you back.

Next time you are thinking of having a fantastic meal, think Over The Moon Cafe in Tacoma for Lunch or Dinner. (Just to prove my point, my pictures are terrible because no one could wait to eat for me to take a shot.)

– The Deceptive Chef