Flour from coffee? Yes, flour from coffee

I’m always on the lookout for new products that can be incorporated into the Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free repertoire. (Yes, I said it, repertoire and yes, I had to look up the spelling.)

My brother sent me an article about a new flour. Coffee flour. Flour that is being ground down from the dried pulp of coffee cherries. An otherwise unwanted bi-product of the coffee industry.

How cool is that. It does not work on it’s own but in conjunction with other flowers in a recipe, it is thought to impart a fruitier flavor and a naturally Gluten free item, this is a perfect opportunity to give a recipe a fun lift.

Directly from the article, the coffee-flour advocates say it has five times more fiber than the conventional wheat variety, and 84 percent less fat than coconut flour. It would also give fresh kale a run for its money with three times as much protein per gram, and it’s gluten-free to boot.

I will try to get my hands on some and test a recipe a two with this new flour option. I am excited so let’s hope I can get my hands on some! Please read the article in its’ entirety.

Of course, Seattle sets another trend. We love it!