Not A Better Ingredient for Whole Foods

Before Whole Foods even went corporate they made a small change that has had a huge impact.  Because food production is so consolidated and the type of diet that we consume in this country, there can be significant limitations when you have certain allergic reactions. Like a histamine response issue. 

With an already limited ingredient list it’s so hard when you can’t even get your hands on quality basics for a flavorful meal experience when away from the house.

Whole Foods decided to replace the Real Salt mineral salt packet in the to-go section of the store with an iodized salt due to a regional purchasing responsibility being changed to a corporate responsibility.

It may seem like a minor change to lose a mineral salt packet but it is actually a very big deal. Mineral salts have trace minerals in them and they actually help regulate your blood pressure, keep you hydrated and help your organs function. It’s naturally dried and contains the elements of the earth in a way that were able to consume and benefit from them. Not to mention it is how food has any flavor. 

Iodized salt however, is salt that’s been chemically processed and in the process changing its molecular structure and causing it to react differently when consumed. While l don’t want to vilify the importance of iodine to help regulate the thyroid and keep us in balance for regulatory system, it is the process that causes the concern and the allergic reaction. Dextrose is added as a stabilizer to prevent potassium iodide from oxidizing and evaporating. Anti-caking agents such as calcium silicate are commonly added to table salt to prevent clumping.

Struggling with a histamine response issue, the over production  of histamines, means not being able have vinegar which leaves out almost any type of prepared dressing. Being dairy free leaves out the rest. So your only choice is an oil and some salt and pepper or other single ingredient spices.

So when you count on a certain level of quality from a natural market and pay the bigger dollars, you would hope everybody working for that natural market understands the importance of a better ingredient. A healthy salt packet for five cents more, or going cheap… it takes a little change to have a big impact.