We need a better conversation

Our local high school has taken the big step of adopting a road. We worked together to get garbage bins at the bus stops to help stop littering and the students are responsible for emptying those bins.

This is a big effort by the school due to the logistics of being off campus, walking the route to clean the bins and having to carrying the bags back to the school.

There are 8 bins along a busy road and the size of the bags is the same as a household of 4 and that full. Especially if it rains heavily. The school also has to pay for the bags.

This is no different on any bus stop you see in your area. There is no garbage company to empty bins. There is no money, nor understanding of that value for our community.

It is important that we keep our streets clean to keep up the value of where we live. Our home extends beyond our yard.

The commons are the areas we all share. That makes it all of our responsibility to keep it in good repair.

That means participating in the entire process. First, knowing to put your garbage in a garbage bin. 2nd, not just putting the garbage in the bin, but helping to empty the bin. Lastly, understanding that it is important to know what happens to that garbage. It just doesn’t disappear into thin air.

The person that thought it was OK to leave their big bag of trash in the bin for school children to empty is a in need of a public shaming. This is completely unacceptable.

The next day after taking that picture, I saw the next level of unacceptable behavior.

4 bags of personal garbage was left just inside school grounds and animals got to it spreading nasty trash all over the place.

Again, someone thought it was the responsibility of the school children to take their waste.

No wonder it is so hard enough to get the kids to know they are suppose to throw trash in bins instead of on the ground.

It’s time we stood up and made it important to behave in a respectful, thoughtful manner. To make a public statement of what is and isn’t acceptable in a society. IMG_4078 trash