Deceptive Edible Landscaping

It is with great pleasure that I get to share my garden. I never thought of myself as being capable of gardening. Well, I still don’t to be honest. I maintain edible landscaping.

edible garden 6 14 grape

It really is the same thing but sounds totally different. What is great about edible landscaping, is that you can bust hump one year to get it all in and then enjoy the bounty of it with little to no effort from then on.

Just like training your dog. It is a bit of work in the beginning then it is nothing but benefit after that. The garden is buttoned up in the winter and the reason to be outside in the summer. What a fantastic relationship.

I will continue to post the bounty that helps create Deceptive Delights. From the many strawberries, blueberries and raspberries to apples, pears and plums to herbs and Lavendar. And the grapes, my goodness, don’t forget about the grapes!


strawberries 6 14

Funny side note, the Bees like the Basil the best!

– The Deceptive Chef

edible garden 6 14 pear