WWND? – What Would Nature Do?

quality raw food options

What Would Nature Do… dogs, in the wild, are roving pack animals that catch a fully nutritious meal with plenty of moisture. Like a rabbit.

We get them, turn them into a singular sequestered animal and feed them dry pellets too high in protein, too low in moisture and filled with fake none bioavailable ‘nutrients’.  If we are feeding canned food, it is too high in fat and not the good kind.

Bag and canned shelved dog food is what is causing our canine companions life threatening human diseases. Heart disease, obesity, cancer, lipomas just to name a few. We buy puppy or senior food yet, Nature doesn’t make puppy and senior food. It just makes food. We can do better and we should.

We need to have a full on education about how important it is to feed a quality Frozen Raw because Nature doesn’t cook. Frozen Raw allows us to offer that easy to feed option that we have become accustomed to and gives our dogs a better life. Be sure to read the ingredients and if you see an ingredient that has been said to not be good for you, then it is not good for your dog. Like preservatives, salts, fillers, by-products.

Frozen Raw also allows us to feed less, for a better life. If you feed Raw your dog will also poop less and their poop will break down and properly return to nature as is her cycle by design. Your dog will have better teeth because dry food does not clean teeth. Dry food is full of starches which is what sticks to their teeth.

Please dump the dry dog food and if you want to feed Freeze Dried Raw, which is not the same as Frozen Raw, then be sure to include the moisture back in. Freeze dried will still have all the nutrients but one of the most important parts of our meals nutritional value, is the liquid from the food and freeze dried has no moisture left after it has been dried.

All of Nature, not matter what it is, from a tree or a carrot to fish, is 3/4 liquid. That liquid is pure gold for our digestion. It really does matter what you eat, because we are what we eat! This is more so for your dog because your dog is the size of a small child and has a delicate and much faster digestive track.

quality raw food options
quality raw food options