Why Alcohol Leads to the Bad Fatty Foods

Ever wonder why you find yourself sitting in the drive thru of a fast food restaurant at 2am after you have been out at the bar all night drinking? You are not just hungry, your body is trying to ingest fat to wrap around all that sugar, so you don’t die.

The energy process of the body is to first use quality fats, like coconut oil or avocado, that surrounds complex starchy carbohydrates aka, vegetables into energy your cells can use to move you about the day and sleep well at night.

When we consume simple sugars like alcohol at a rate faster than the liver can process it, we start sending alcohol to all parts of the body. Because alcohol impairs our brain, heart and liver function, we start to slow down, make poor decisions and autopilot takes over.

This autopilot is the connection the brain makes with what we consume and the nutrients it tries to extract from that consumed calorie. When we ingest poor ingredients, our body does not get what we need but it still tries to continue the process necessary to keep us alive. Habits that have been formed are what drive us to the drive thru.

If we want to do better and enjoy our consumption without the negative behaviors and side-effects, it is simply making a better ingredient choice. Consuming quality fats while we consume alcohol and alternating water and an alcoholic drink ,will give your body time to process all that sugar and your brain a new connection to a better fat so when you impair your senses your auto-pilot will become better choices.

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