What’s Happening with Deceptive Delights

I am excited to say that this is my first post coming to you as the Deceptive Chef. My specialty is teaching you how to shop, cook and eat without Gluten, Dairy and Sugar (The Big 3).

Whether you are Celiac, Diabetic, Lactose Intolerant or just want to eat better, you are in the right place. I was coined The Deceptive Chef™ by my clients because my menus offered the great dishes you grew up loving.

Everything we do from teaching you tips for your new food lifestyle, creating decadent desserts that will fuel your body and nourish your mind or body care that leaves your skin supple, smooth and nourished, we do without The Big 3 (Gluten, Dairy and Sugar).

So check back often and enjoy our Deceptive Delights products and desserts at your local retailer. Don’t have Deceptive Delights in your favorite market. Just ask them to carry us!

~The Deceptive Chef