Uneek Treats Donations to Texas

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It is devastating for people in an emergency situation and more so for pets. They are in our care and don’t have the ability to create their own outcome. Uneek Dogs is sending some Uneek Treats to Humane Societies and Rescues in Austin, Dallas and Houston. It is a small effort but it is how we can help. I also want to make sure to thank Industry Sign and Graphics for shipping them down for us!

Uneek Dogs Bree-z Logo

I know all too well how devastating acclimate weather can be in Texas. Not to mention just the day to day of being hot but then to be plunged into a wicked cold with no preparation because it is not normally needed. My heart goes out to everyone who has been adversely affected from this situation.

What folks are suffering from is a first world lifestyle with a third world support system (the commons). I hope that every person living in Texas and all over the country, start to pay close attention to how their support systems (the commons) are run and by whom.

To be mindful of those who are in charge of your care and who’s actions are not well intended for you will give you the chance to make sure you have people in charge who do care about you, so you can have a better outcome in your day to day living and forbid, in a future crisis.

This is the life a pet…It has only you to take care of it. Your actions are their world. The quality of their life is in your hands. Please be mindful that pets are like 3 year-old children, they rely on us parents for everything.

When it comes to the commons. whose hands are holding the quality of your life?