asparagus cherry kale salad with balsamic vinagrette
My posts have been rather few. Sadly I suffered a disabling injury trying to grow my Deceptive Delights™ business many
gluten and dairy free garlic spring onion bacon scone
2 cups fine ground Almond Flour* 1/4 cup Sorghum flour 1/4 cup Cassava flour 2 tbsp peanut or avocado oil
Vahlrona chocolate covered cake donut
Always Gluten Free Dairy Free and Syrup Sweetened. This recipe is egg free too! 3 cups fine ground Almond Flour*
gluten, dairy free rice crispy treat
Simply a better ingredient! Since learning how the foods I love to eat when I was growing up were destroying
Ingredients are your medium. Everything you offer, in the way of art, is about preparing food. Maybe you are a
Eating clean is the true fountain of youth. Ingredients in the food you consume, will dictate the state of your
Halsa Oatgurt
I found a new and amazing product. An oatgurt made by Halsa. I gave it a try because I read
homemade Pho
This recipe is super simple and delish. First I like to start with a quality chicken or beef broth. If
quality raw food options
What Would Nature Do... dogs, in the wild, are roving pack animals that catch a fully nutritious meal with plenty
chicken sausage and kraut
One of the best ways to eat those summer favorites is on a bun. Hot dogs, burgers, sausage and kraut
pistachio fudgsicle
This recipe is super easy with just one step set up. The base for this fudgsicle recipe is pistachios but
aquafaba whipping cream w strawberry
This recipe is just three ingredients but I won't lie, it will take you about 30-40 minutes to make. If
This recipe is easy, delicious and perfect for leftovers. 1 package GF penne pasta 1 lb chicken tender strips or
Uneek Dogs Bree-z Logo
It is devastating for people in an emergency situation and more so for pets. They are in our care and
I am not anti-egg but I don't eat too many. I like eating desserts without animal protein or dairy and
This cookie is perfect for those who have special food sensitives. There is no gluten, dairy or eggs in this
gluten diary sugar free oatmeal cookie
For those with special intolerance's, things as simple as baking powder or vanilla extract can send you over the edge.
Through most of my life, I have heard the phrase, “Those that cannot do, teach.”  I believe that statement should
One of the most remarkable efforts I have witnessed is how Costco has taken care of their employees during this
hazelnut milk
It can be challenging to make everything yourself but much like organic, there are items that are better to make
sauteed peas and colorfulcarrots
Three simple ingredients and a few cupboard staples.  Organic Heirloom colorful carrots, frozen peas and potatoes. To sauté a dish
Uneek Treats
Coming soon to a store near you! Keep a look out for Uneek Treats! More information to come as we
Baked Bean Benedict
This recipe is a gluten and dairy free version of a eggs benedict. Instead of Hollandaise sauce this version is
gluten free pancakes
This recipe is amazingly simple, easy to make and delicious! If you are unable to tolerate baking powder and baking
gluten-free pizza
This recipe is a standard sauce, your favorite toppings and just leave off the cheese. The best part is the
coconut milk granita
The Granita is a staple Italian breakfast offering and I for one am a big fan. Since I do not
Exercise is important to our evolution. Without exercise, we would not be here today. The body is designed to walk,
Poor nutrition is when the body does not get the required nutrients to function. When you ingest poor nutrition, the
Just thinking about eating food and the physical activity of starting to collect and prepare foods begins digestion. Your eyes,
high-fructose-corn-syrup in common products
Americans eat huge doses of sugar, most specifically high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) on a daily basis. Because HFCS is sweeter
corporate deli
Corporate deli’s have a captive audience and because of this, their responsibility to offer a healthy menu is of the
healthy earth
The right food is fundamental for our well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Keeps us at a good weight to reduce
purple foods
Dark foods are the true human super-power. The dark color comes from phytochemicals, or phytonutrients, a plants natural behavior that
There is mounting evidence that diet drinks are bad for your health. Studies have shown significant issues arise from the
Cravings are the brains way of getting us to give our body the nutrition it is in need of replenishing.
human brain
We don’t often think about our brain being like any other part of our body. It needs quality fuel to
Something I always heard growing up was, you burn more calories eating #celery than celery contains. Celery is a great snack
oregano oil
Flavor is health and delicious. The herbs and spices we use for cooking not only flavor our meals, they offer
Commercial Kitchen
Eating out can be a daunting experience. A truly #allergen-friendly meal can be elusive. Most often the individual ordering the
raw lemond pudding
This recipe is in great thanks to The Great British Baking Show for giving me a wonderful cake recipe that
colorful veg
One of the biggest issues our bodies face is our food combinations. We hardly speak of it and where it
not quite eggs benedict
I love this gluten, dairy and sugar free dish because you get the best of a recipe with a much
raw superfood macaroon dipped in chocolate
Thank you so much for the invitation to speak at your monthly meeting. Meets 3rd Tuesday of each month
Most of my clients have an understanding vitamins and minerals but don’t know much about macro and micro nutrients. Macro-Nutrients
I have always been keen on how companies market to consumers. It never made sense why I would see the
Ever wonder why you find yourself sitting in the drive thru of a fast food restaurant at 2am after you
There is a great support network for those who suffer with food reactivity. Whether they are gluten or lactose intolerant
It is not just front of the house that needs to be properly trained on the right questions to ask
As an expert in food production and a consultant specializing in creating allergen friendly menus, I work with a wide
gluten free onion rings
As of today, one in three people suffer a food reaction. Food reactions can be as simple as, I want
Chef’s continue to wage their menus against food reactivity while trying to provide options for their clientele. While some patrons
Before Whole Foods even went corporate they made a small change that has had a huge impact.  Because food production
Hey folks, I have been given a great opportunity to sell my products at a kiosk in Capital Mall, Olympia.
My Deceptive Spread is the best base and replace. Whether you want to cream up a pasta, or use it
Trix not Twix
Enjoying a healthy gluten, dairy and sugar free version of my favorite from childhood. As the Deceptive Chef, I make
There are so many ways to make Swordfish and so many reasons why. It really is the Chicken of the
Being part of something so time honored as starting a traditional recipe from scratch, is one of my fondest Chef
Deceptive Burger and Fries
This is a favorite for quick and satisfying. All plant based with vegetables and chick pea flour for the fries.
Dipped Deceptive Bar
This bar is deceptive because it carries almost every nutrient you need to live well and very healthy and it
Hazelnut Meal biscotti
Create great nutrient dense treats like Biscotti. A snack that feeds like a meal. Join me at Marlene's Market and
It is no secret to those who know me that I am not a fan of New England. It was
Gluten, dairy, and sugar free. It's a decadent super food fudge with Maca for health and vitality.
finding yourself on Pinterest
This moment is a very exciting moment. I was surfing Pinterest for recipe ideas as I do almost every day
gluten sugar dairy free linzer cookie
They are as delicious to eat as they are pleasing to see! Save
Granola is a great to snack your way into a healthy lifestyle. Create a trail mix for after breakfast and
Gluten, Dairy and Yeast is all that is missing. This Pizza tastes amaze! Save
My first true success story that I was able to see from beginning to end is my Dad, Ralph.
Ingredients and Instructions Hazelnut Crust 3⁄4 cup hazelnut flour 1⁄2 cup coconut flour 2 tablespoons agave 1⁄2 tablespoon almond extract
This is a simple dish that took just a few minutes and just a few ingredients. Mushrooms, sweet white rice,
These walnut crackers are dense, buttery and, satisfying!
There is one thing I have learned over the years. Some recipes cannot be followed at all when working with
Hey Everyone, You can easily read this online at Enjoy!
Spice a can of black beans with 2-3 tsps cumin, coriander, ginger, turmeric, garlic powder and a touch of salt,
Nut cheese lasagna with pine nut pesto, marinara and fresh Italian herb oil. Filling, addicting and really, really healthy!
I am very excited to share my first article in the Marlene's Market and Deli Sound Outlook. JOIN ME SATURDAY
Home made almond flour tortillas with super pseudo grains, filled w/ Mortadella and spinach. Simply fabulous raw, soaked almond meal
½ cup coconut oil, softened ⅓ cup maple syrup or Coconut Nectar 11 cup brown rice flour ¾ cup tapioca
Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Soy, Yeast Free. Decadent and a great Macro Nutrient Meal!              
Simple, bountiful, inspired.           - The Deceptive Chef
These are a really good, rich couple of bites that satisfy and couldn't be healthier. I am quite surprised how
This is a fun healthy, gluten, dairy, sugar free and raw take on Caesar salad. Just delicious and you won't
This gluten, dairy, soy, yeast and sugar free RAW plate was a great opportunity to use all of the leftover
Yes, really! Homemade pickled Ginger and a Sriracha Mayo. Yum! Save Save Save Save
Tuber nori roll. Just a wrap of vegetables with a tamarind mango salsa. What a light and bright bite.  
Dehydration is a great way to "bake". The same as baking, it remove water but does so a such a
Refreshing, super healthy low cal offering a bit of carrot juice and all freshly made with a perfect winter flavor
This dish is a nice smooth taste with a bit of a bright spot. Perfect way to use up zucchini!
Another fun day, another fun dish. Heirloom tomato lasagna. Simply delicious and deceptively decadent and filling. Just a few bites
Thank you everyone for such a great year! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support and I
Happy New Year! It is always cool when you see your name somewhere. It is especially nice when you get
Apple Pie a la Mode with Deceptive Delights Vanilla ice cream. This is the MOST amazing delicious bite, bite, bite.
Dairy and Sugar free Deceptive Delights ice cream sundae. Nothing fancy, just the best sundae ever! - The Deceptive Chef
Bean and Split Pea Soup. Chop once use twice. I even had enough veg left over to make a big
Pumpkin Cheesecake cups available now at Marlene's Market and Deli, Natures Market in Kent and soon to arrive at Eat
Gluten, Dairy Sugar Free Quesadilla. Great late night snack and super simple to make. Spread a little Vegenaise on one
Shopping for a Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free Thanksgiving day dinner was a HUGE success! I enjoyed offering a shopping
Chicken in Sweet Pepper Sauce is one of our favorite dishes. It is an easy recipe of sweet peppers, spices
Soup and a sandwich is a staple for the American lunch option and you too, can go Gluten, Dairy and
Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free Biscuits and Gravy! Use any gravy recipe substituting Sweet White Rice flour instead of all
I have been having the best time creating these raw cupcakes. So far I have done 5 batches and my
I had a wonderful time catering another wedding! This was on a boat with limited space so the best options
Join me, The Decptive Chef, Friday, Sept. 5th at the Washington State Fair Pavilion where I will be sharing Gluten,
Nature is amazing and your yard is your health. From the physical aspect of tending the garden to the internal
I cannot believe that the Deceptive Garden is producing grapes. We had a bump in the road and thought all
This is a pink blueberry. Yes, a pink blueberry. I planted this bush 2 years ago and these 3 berries
I just had to share this heart shaped kernel. What fun!     - The Deceptive Chef
Our Coconut Lime Cheesecake makes a beautiful wedding cake. Decadent and healthy! It was an honor to receive this special
Bucket o' Plums courtesy of Deceptive Delights edible landscaping and Cucumbers are almost here. Did you know they start out
I had the most fun catering a wedding for 50 and here are a few of the items I made
Nature is incredible and complex and I haven't the faintest idea how some things work. Both of these berries are
The Deceptive Delights edible landscaping is going crazy this year. Good compost and some Dr. Earth and viola! I had
Multi colored organic carrots from Trader Joes. These carrots are amazing works of art for the eyes and the body.
Use any pie crust recipe exchanging wheat flour with 60% Sweet White Rice Flour and 40% Brown Rice Flour and
Tuna, bell peppers, pickles, grated carrots, celery, dill, Vegenaise, salt, pepper. This is a great satisfying bite or two when
Chocolate Cake layered with Raw Strawberry Mousse, Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free. This was a VERY enjoyable dessert. The cake
I am loving these multi-colored carrots from Trader Joes. Get a bag of Trader Joes shredded cabbage, mix with grated
What a surprise to see myself when I went into my local branch at BECU! Local company, local banking, local
Our local high school has taken the big step of adopting a road. We worked together to get garbage bins
This organic free range roasted chicken and bag of organic tri colored carrots from Trader Joes was $17. With another
It is with great pleasure that I get to share my garden. I never thought of myself as being capable
It is going to be another beautiful day tomorrow. Come find me and my cart Thurs. just outside the downtown
This is a special order Dairy, Sugar and Gluten free White Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake. It is filled with fresh strawberries
This is a fun part about creating food. This Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free Deceptive Delights waffle cone before it
This heavenly Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free dessert is a combination of chocolates and almond butter. Healthy, decadent, delicious! -
I'm always on the lookout for new products that can be incorporated into the Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free repertoire.
As promised, The Deceptive Chef's ~ Bagel Buns Recipe. 3 cups Manini's Papa's Pane Gluten Free Flour blend (do not
I must admit from the start, this evening did not turn out at all how I had imagined it would.
I am pleased to be teaching an abbreviated version of my Chef Sessions at Marlene's Market and Deli. The first
The pancakes were really good too. I followed the recipe on the back of the bag with The Deceptive Chef™
We all have those times when there is nothing like a PB & J. So this version, ta Brown Rice
I wanted to share one of my favorite purchases. I was in a Storables in the U Dist. and I
Friday night was an awesome dinner with friends at Over The Moon Cafe in Opera Alley Tacoma. They served us
I have been wanting to post this Gluten Free dish for a few days now. I have made it twice
I want to thank GF Joes Tacoma for hosting me and bringing in my ice cream, waffle cone bites™ and
I want to invite everyone to join me from Noon - 3 and taste the most amazing ice cream you
Slice, toast, slather, bite, enjoy! mmmmmmm......
I had the best night Friday catering an event at Industry Sign and Graphics. I brought Gluten, Dairy and Sugar
This is lunch with my friend Willow of Willow's Photography. I had gone to my favorite Thai Restaurant Banyan Tree
It is that time of year when we feel more inclined to take better care of ourselves. So we eat
I just enjoyed a Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free slice of home made Apple Pie with Apple Pie a la
There are a few things I miss from childhood being Celiac, Lactose and Sugar Intolerant. One of those things is
I am excited to say that this is my first post coming to you as the Deceptive Chef. My specialty