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deceptive edible garden
Deceptive Delights edible garden

I am so very excited to showcase our edible landscaping. Deceptive Delights brought on board Cascadian Edible Landscapes.

They sat down with us and helped to map out a 20′ x 50′ area. We have plum, apple and cherry trees that host a selection of herbs at their base. Then went in 4 different varieties of raspberries, 8 different blueberries including a pink blueberry. There are 6 different strawberries and even some edible flowers.

It was quite an undertaking to work that space and convert it from a lawn to a food source. The biggest effort was labor. The sod had to be cut and removed and then the soil worked. We have a pervasive grass so there was sifting of quite a bit of soil to be done. I believe I threw a pickaxe at every bit of that 20 x 50 at least twice. Once for all the post holes and then again for the trees, then again for the herbs.

It is wonderfully rewarding and has helped me to increase my strength, stamina, tan (odd for Seattle in May) and it gives me time to listen to my favorite podcast Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and  Bill Maher.

I encourage everyone to take over a traditional grass yard and little by little replace it with food. It is one of the best things you could ever do to become healthier and happier. Just a few of those benefits are closeness with family and friends, physical activity, rewarding benefits of growing your own food which makes you feel and look better, budget saver.

If you have abandoned areas in your neighborhood, turn them into pea patches. Slowly you will have others getting involved and pretty soon there is a farm stand. Then there is someone who makes cheeses, breads, all kinds of things to encourage a local market. All of this leads to a better diet and community.

A best served diet is mostly vegetables supplemented with fruit, supported with protein and flavored with quality oils, herbs, and spices.

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