It was a great day at GF Joes

I want to thank GF Joes Tacoma for hosting me and bringing in my ice cream, waffle cone bites™ and lotion. They have an incredible selection of items for any Gluten Free need so I’m among good food company. It was a bit wet out today so not as many folks ventured out, so I will be back to sample some other flavors and meet more GF Joes customers!

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Stop by and grab some Deceptive Delights Vanilla ice cream for a virgin or adult milk shake, or Maple Pecan to go with a Blueberry Pie, (crust and blueberries all right from the same freezer).

Or grab some of our very special Cherry Almond. It’s the perfect share for this Valentine weekend. Perhaps you will go for the most common, Chocolate, or the most uncommon, Apple Pie a la Mode. So many choices, why not make a sundae so you can try them all!

choc ice crm bite

Deceptive Delights Waffle Cone Bites™ are a perfect pair to Deceptive Delights ice cream. They are also a great snack and make an eggless egg salad a meal you will crave.

It is my mission to offer you the most luxurious of items. Those that you have come to enjoy in life but are the very thing that leaves you not feeling well. Check out Deceptive Delights lotion and you will experience a weightless, lasting comfort. Your skin and senses will be caressed by the gentle fragrance and creamy lotion.

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