How Poor Nutrition Encourages Anger and Despair

Poor nutrition is when the body does not get the required nutrients to function. When you ingest poor nutrition, the struggle the body goes through is real and most often leads to anger and despair. There is mounting evidence that diets high in trans fatty acids lead to increased aggression and that high fructose corn syrup increases weight leading to a less active lifestyle.

Blood sugar is regulated with food and irregular meal-times and poor quality diets can affect blood sugar leading to mood swings. Excessive sugar intake causes anxiety and poor behavior. Without proper nutrition and exercise, the brain cannot release endorphins, dopamine or other happy and beneficial chemicals.

To take in poor nutrition or none at all, the body suffers stress. The level of stress is the same as if a gazelle was being chased by a lion. When that animal chase is on, it only lasts a few minutes. When we do not have proper nutrition the significant levels of stress lasts all day and we do this every day. This behavior also releases cortisol and too much released cortisol in our system will create negative emotions.

The quality of what we eat should be a daily concern and effort. Simply put, there is no substitute for a better ingredient.

anger and despair