Friends and Family of the Food Intolerant

There is a great support network for those who suffer with food reactivity. Whether they are gluten or lactose intolerant or anaphylaxis when ingesting nuts. Friends and family really want to support that person, and this determines where and how people will eat.

Even though there are only one in three who suffer, the other two will change where they eat to be supportive. It doesn’t stop there. This also creates concerns with what menu items to pick and can cause a variety of different feelings about which meals are chosen.

Those who can eat anything can feel guilty for eating something in front of a person who cannot eat that item. Or the person with the food issues could feel bad for having to be the stand-out in the crowd and the reason for the group choices.

These concerns are not to be taken lightly. Feelings surrounding food are deep rooted from the day we are born and nurtured throughout our life experiences. I can remember cooking special family recipes with my grandmother as she passed down that history, giving me lasting drive in my core to continue to create those memories and pass along my knowledge to others. This is a story so many people share who are passionate about food and being a Chef, whether that is in the home or commercial kitchen.

One way we can help to solve the issues of food reactivity, and lessening the concerned feelings of food related choices, is to get back to a better ingredient. Locally grown, sourced and produced as much as possible is key and if we do need products from around the world, we support those smaller farms and local growers who leave a lighter footprint on the earth.

The earth is not here for us, we are here because of the earth. Meaning, we can use what is provided but we must insure that what we grow and consume is produced in a sustainable manner. It takes each and every one of us to make that happen. And that is done by our voice and our dollar. Where you spend your money will determine how we leave the earth. Our dollar determines what products companies produce. We have the power to create the change to support us all with great nutrition and plenty of options.

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