Calling All Chefs


Ingredients are your medium. Everything you offer, in the way of art, is about preparing food. Maybe you are a culinary master at carving fruit, or a mad scientist creating gastronomy through molecular science or perhaps you are a cook at heart and the old family recipes create your menu. However you Chef, you are only as good as the ingredients you use.

The simple act of using a better ingredient makes your signature dish and all your hard-earned skills a true masterpiece. Yet, with the practices used today to grow and process our food – before it makes it to your fridge, counter, cooking vessel and finally the plate for the individuals you serve – those ingredients are causing food allergies and the number of those with reactivity are increasing at an alarming rate.

I know full well, it’s hard enough to get a restaurant up and running, create a menu, and build and serve a clientele daily, without having to add in a diverse purchasing plan to get your ingredients. So, on paper, it makes sense to follow the status quo and look to large distribution companies as a one-stop-shop so you can get on with making the meals. But the vast majority of those large food distribution channels are big part of the problem.

That means you are the front lines. Change will only happen when you speak up, by way of your dollars, to make the shift. They work for you, like you work for your patrons. If you don’t make that effort, the food supply chain will only increase the decreasing quality of our food. Adding more bad salt, sugar and fats won’t help and sooner than later, you will be alienating more than half of your potential volume of patrons.

For over twenty years, I have been testing every allergen friendly ingredient on the market for the perfect replacement in any recipe. I have curated a list of ingredients along with a bounty of recipes that will give you the perfect outcome and I have the sourcing dialed in so you don’t have to miss a beat in the kitchen.

Simply using a better ingredient will give you a more loyal customer, higher margins, local sourcing for a lighter footprint and the ability to grow your clientele whether it be for need or desire.

And let me be very clear, food allergies are real and can cause severe reactions that can result in dire health issues and even death. That’s why those that don’t suffer any food reactivity, are making better food choices.

And even if you don’t believe that to be true, the customer is always right. If they want a gluten, dairy and sugar free meal, then let me help you to create one with ease and a small adjustment to your pantry and process.

chef cutting vegetables