At age 74, Ralph lost about 40lbs

My first true success story that I was able to see from beginning to end is my Dad, Ralph.

Ralph and Bree-z and he sits at 245lbs
end of August 2016 with his boy Boomer! Ralph sits comfortably at 185lbs!

My first true success story that I was able to see from beginning to end is my Dad, Ralph. At his heaviest, Ralph weighed in at 265 lbs and hadn’t been under 220 for over 40 years. .He had made his own diet change and was taking many mile-long walks each day. In spite of this, he was barely maintaining the weight loss.

Dad started his new journey he was at the 245lbs mark. His shirt size was XXXL and his diet consisted of eggs, sausage, chicken and fake noodles. The level of dirty proteins (soy and corn fed meats that are given hormones, antibiotics and are caged not free to live as nature intented ) and lack of any single source ingredients like vegetables were the major culprit. I think vegetables were allowed in the house only when a stew was being prepared.

We started by going through the refrigerator and cupboards and removing the items with poor ingredient panels. Most of the food like items were bagged and taken away and we started by replacing animal proteins for plant based proteins. There is no chicken, sausage, egg or fake anything anymore. Then we talked about what foods outside of the banned items that Dad likes to eat that are also going away. Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Yeast and Sugar. At this point, he was at a loss for what  he could eat!

“What is left?!”, he said.

“Well, when I show you how cool your new menu is going to be, you will be even more excited because I am going to set you up so you can eat it all day long. Grazing is a major key to a successful weight loss.” I offered. Well, I can tell you one thing, major skepticism was at hand! Ralph wasn’t buying it at first.

Step 1, we created a “Shopping” list from internet recipes that caught our taste buds, along with the few staple Deceptive Chef recipes that are created from scratch. We also determined that because my Dad is fruit intolerant, he has to use butter since the alternatives carry palm products. We choose organic, grass fed and local to get the best option.

Step 2, we talked about how to “Combine” all the foods by creating recipes, learning how to use the ingredients to create delicious and robust meals, snacks and desserts. This was done over time as we determined new textures, flavors and recipes that offer eating satisfaction while giving nutrition and aiding the body in survival.

Step 3, Eating Out! This is the big one. When Dad hit his goal weight and learned how to prepare and eat most of his meals while having a busy day he was ready to go on the road.  It was time for a practical application outside of the house and go have some fun with his dog, Boomer! I helped him make this activity both easy and fun. It was a wonderful way to learn new habits, save money shopping and eat all the time!

At age 74, Ralph lost about 40lbs from February 2016 to August 2016. He struggles at first for old loves he made in the kitchen. For your chance to see these results, purchase my Chef Sessions pdf, keep it with you, follow it the majority of your days and you will find this success all yours!