Deceptive Chef


My clients coined me the Deceptive Chef, because I made all of their favorite dishes, gluten, dairy and sugar free. Since my days as a personal chef, I have traveled further down the path of ingredients; more than I ever thought I would. In my 15 years of learning and testing every ingredient in prepared foods, I learned I have had to reduce my menu to whole single ingredients.

This means assembling everything I eat from single ingredients. No vinegars, no alcohol sugars, no yeast, baking powder or soda. The list is long and most find the idea too daunting to attempt. I find it liberating. It has encouraged me to create meals I never thought I would. I also learned so much about flavors using individual spices and being creative to meet the challenge of Umami without vinegar.

What I offer is how I live my on-the-go lifestyle while being the healthiest version of you possible. Imagine no more colds, sick days being filled with fun and not stuffy, sneezing and aching. No more allergies, so you can enjoy the Spring and Summer! Being your natural weight, naturally, even if you cannot exercise. All of this happened to me and I will show you how to achieve it for yourself!

My Chef Sessions take you through how to change your diet for wonderful physical health and to maintain your true body weight naturally. My Lifestyle Sessions offer the mental and spiritual aspects for overall health and wellness.

I became aware I was on a journey for health at 18 years of age and finally started doing something about it when I was 30 years old. We spend a great deal of time not realizing the first place to start. Food. I will teach you what are truly good ingredients and how to consume those proper calories.

My special gift is to offer the full story in a cliff notes version. I enjoy eating all the comfort foods I remember from growing up, I just make them nutrient dense. The big difference is assembly is required. The great news, once assembled, you have an abundance of easy to grab meals.

This is really my story. As a chef, I love to be in the kitchen but I also like to be mobile. Since I cannot eat one item someone else prepares, I need to be a good girl scout and prepare myself. I have designed a way to do both and do it with pudding! My motto, have your cake and eat it too, then share!

Take on my three Chef Sessions, SHOP – COMBINE – DINE. It is the first step for the rest of your journey.

Ms Deena – Deceptive Chef