A Taste of How To Navigate The Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Eating out can be a daunting experience. A truly #allergen-friendly meal can be elusive. Most often the individual ordering the food is not preparing the food. Because there are many stations in a kitchen the prep cook may never see the original container that houses the ingredients.

For example, Italian food has #gluten and #dairy in every dish from the meatballs and red sauce to the noodles. While a gluten-free noodle may be available a dairy free sauce may not.

Another greatly used set of ingredients in Italian restaurants is wine and vinegar. Asking for gluten free and dairy free may be possible but who would think to ask for wine free as well.

Other hidden ingredients found in foods produced on a large scale are anti-caking agents such as maltodextrin, dextrose or silicone dioxide. These keep spices flowing to easily flavor a dish.

While the US makes maltodextrin from corn, the EU makes it from wheat. With our global economy and food sourcing, we as the restaurant consumer, does not have any idea where that spice was sourced.

If you suffer from food reactivity, take the time to inquire with your favorite restaurants, to find a time to read the labels, insuring a truly allergen friendly dining experience.

Commercial Kitchen