A Better Ingredient Panel – Halsa Oatgurt

Halsa Oatgurt

I found a new and amazing product. An oatgurt made by Halsa. I gave it a try because I read the ingredients label and I can eat all the items listed. That’s not so for any other yogurt or alternative ‘gurt out there.
There are two very important pieces of information on the packaging of a food product. The ingredients list and the nutritional panel. The nutritional panel is important but it doesn’t tell an accurate story or a complete story.

Halsa Oatgurt
Halsa Oatgurt

Every item in the world is comprised of the same basic elements. When we are talking about plants, we are talking about sugars, fats and proteins – macro nutrients and vitamins and minerals – micro nutrients. These nutrients keep us alive, full of energy and mobil to execute our daily living. If we eat a poor ingredient panel of sugars, fats and proteins, we can compromise our mental and physical health in a significant way. Leaving us struggling to complete our day.
Conversely, if we eat a quality ingredient panel of sugars, fats and proteins, our body will do well mentally and physically. The ingredients matter because our body grows from what we eat. With better ingredients, we’ll think more clearly, our organs will function properly and it won’t be so hard to move around during our daily activities.

Just reading the nutrient panel will not tell you if the daily volume of listed nutrients are coming from a good or bad source. Even a shoe can offer protein levels. The best way to insure you are eating in a manner to serve you better, is to read the ingredients label. This is true for your pets too! Then you can decide, for example, the coconut oil listed is a really good quality fat. Even though the nutrient panel shows a higher level of saturated fat. Coconut oil is actually one of the only good saturated fats for the body.

The same can be said for sugars. If you are getting naturally derived sugars, your body will be able to properly convert those, with that quality fat, right into a steady energy. If you eat a processed or fake sugar, your body will go on a rapid high and severe plummet. This behavior is severely damaging to your body in the long run.
Proteins are another important item to read from the ingredients panel vs. the nutrition label. Plant based proteins are the most important to impart, with a small support of animal proteins. Dark leafy greens, and raw seeds along with a small amount of raw nuts, is an excellent foundation for health. Adding in just three to five ounces of animal protein, three to five times a week, not three to five times a day, will give you a much better digestive track, energy level, mental acuity and frankly, save you money at the grocery store.

Ingredients matter and should be the first thing you read, when looking at a food item to purchase. The best way to start knowing your eating better is to start in the produce section. They offer a single ingredient, healthy food which is why they don’t even need a label at

all. Then, find your way to the bulk section and look to purchase the raw seeds, nuts, legumes and gluten free oats. And, all single ingredients that can easily be turned into something great to eat!